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"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." – J.R.R. Tolkien

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Darac Grill & Bar

Another day, another Korean restaurant. I think I need to branch out a little more, but for now, here’s a recap of an awesome visit to the new-ish Darac Grill & Bar. Seeing as the menu is peppered with Japanese dishes, it’s not quite a ‘true’ Korean restaurant, but I’m not that fussy (plus I generally like Japanese food more). Located on a section of A’Beckett street that I wasn’t even aware had restaurants, upon settling into the cosy little restaurant, I mentally chided myself for not finding out about this charming place earlier.

They have a good selection of food and our very friendly waiter was quite helpful in advising us, even though we eventually decided on a few dishes to share. For our entree – Takoyaki Salad.

Takoyaki Salad

I can’t say that I tasted much octopus, or that the dish was as burning hot as I’ve come to expect but it was sufficiently takoyaki-ish and tasty that I didn’t really care, especially as I was ordering a Japanese dish from a Korean restaurant. We knew things were going to get better when the waitress brought out a portable gas stove. After a few minutes, she came back with a bowl filled to the brim with soup and various meats, vegetables, beans, rice noodles, pasta and cheese.

Mixed Stew

Waiting for the massive pot of food to cook was tormenting, but the end product was worth the wait.

Mixed Stew (Ready to Eat!)

After tucking into the stew for a bit, it was temporarily forgotten as the Sashimi set was brought to the table. The menu had mentioned grilled sashimi, which confused us as sashimi is almost always served raw, but everything made sense when the waitress brought out a blowtorch. Yep, a blowtorch. Succulent pieces of fresh salmon and eel, with just the tiniest bit of them cooked to bring out flavour resulted leaving us diners very happy indeed. A pretty amazing dish for both the taste and the theatrics involved.

Sashimi Set 1

The last dish to come out were the Kimchi pancakes, even though they were probably better suited as an entrée dish. No matter though, the presentation was unique and the pancakes full of flavour. Perhaps not quite spicy enough for my tastes, but I couldn’t find any faults with it otherwise.

Kimchi Pancake

Darac is definitely a little gem hidden away in the new Little Korea section of the city. Well worth a visit for the food (and the friendly service).

Darac Grill & Bar
51 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne
Lunch: Mon-Fri, Dinner: Mon-Sat 6pm-late

Darac Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon


One of the most perfect dinners after training on a cold, wet night is fried chicken. Not any fried chicken mind you, but Gami Chicken and Beer on Little Lonsdale street was definitely an inspired decision by one of my friends. It’s a small but bustling place with a constant stream of diners and people getting take-away, an no wonder really, their chicken is amazingly tasty!

Gami Chicken - Honey Soy (left) and Sweet Chilli (right) Sauces

Yeah, I want to eat some now. Mustering the willpower to drag ourselves away from the chicken meant that we could sample the Corn Cheese dish (which is exactly what it sounds like), and the Kimchi pancake. Neither of the two were particularly brilliant but they were moreish nevertheless.

Corn Cheese

Kimchi Pancake

The restaurant also makes sure that each table has a constant supply of salad, turnips and prawn crackers. I was always curious about what is actually in prawn crackers, but not willing to risk being turned off eating them.

Prawn Crackers

Unlimited Salad

What I didn’t take a picture of was the 3L oak cask of Cass beer ($30) that was sitting on the table. Chicken and beer, what more could you ask for? This is a great place that will only get busier with time, so get in while you still can. Either that or grab take-away from there.

100 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Mon-Sun 1pm-3pm, 5pm-late

Gami on Urbanspoon

Oriental Spoon

A delicious dinner with a good friend was in order following a busy day at work and a gym session in the city. After initially wanting to dine at a restaurant on Lonsdale St which happened to be closed for Easter (even though it was a Wednesday night), it was decided that nourishment was to be obtained from a much frequented and popular little restaurant on La Trobe St called Oriental Spoon.

Oriental Spoon

The predominantly Korean restaurant, with other Asian influences apparent in the dishes, seems to be perpetually busy at dinner times. It’s not surprising really considering the food and service are both consistently good and the prices are reasonable. While we were deciding on what to eat, we order a couple of drinks: a Korean beer for my friend, and a cup of Ginseng tea for me.

Cass Beer

Ginseng Tea

After you order, and long before the dishes come out, Korean appetizers including Kimchi are served. I’ve never quite figured out if you’re supposed to eat them before as an entrée, or with your main meal, but I was hungry enough to start eating straight away.




Anyone who’s ever had dinner with me at a Japanese restaurant will know that I always order takoyaki. This is the result of an eating frenzy a few years ago during a trip to Hong Kong. Having been a few times before, I knew that the takoyaki at Oriental Spoon is amongst the best I’ve had in Melbourne!

Glorious Takoyaki

The rest of the dishes were also perfectly made with succulent meat that was full of flavour. I’m highly skilled at gorging myself on good food and this night was no exception. I left with my tummy happily stuffed with takoyaki, beef bulgogi, eel and japchae.

Beef Bulgogi



A very reliable restaurant that will leave you happy, but without breaking your budget.


Oriental Spoon
254 La Trobe St, Melbourne
Mon-Thu,Sun 5:30pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-11pm

Oriental Spoon on Urbanspoon

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